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CRAZY. 1. ADJECTIVE. If you describe someone or something as crazy, you think they are very foolish or strange. [informal, disapproval] example: “People thought they were all crazy to try to make money from manufacturing.” crazily, ADVERB. example: “The teenagers shook their long, black hair and gesticulated crazily.” source: Collins Dictionary.

"We started with Crazy Richard’s peanut butter first, and then added a few wholesome ingredients that your whole family will enjoy. That’s why we created Wholly Rollies. Just a few wholesome ingredients for that homemade goodness—without the messy kitchen. Enjoyed frozen or chilled, these easy to serve snacks keep you and your family on the move."

source: Crazy Richard's Website

CRAZY. synonyms: adjective. absurd, bizarre, fanciful, fantastic (also fantastical), foolish, insane, nonsensical, preposterous, unrealwild. source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary.


Angie Spalink

Image 1
Title: Z3A

[A light blue and gold box of diapers is stacked on top of a large green Rubbermaid container. There is a small, red, wooden letter A standing on the stage left corner of the Rubbermaid container, leaning against the box of diapers. Seven chunky children’s books are stacked on top of the box of diapers. A small, green, wooden number 3 is placed vertically on a slight angle on the first book in the stack. A small, purple, wooden letter Z is standing on top of the fifth book in the stack. Two white disposable diapers lay on top of the stack of books. A plastic toy elephant with a bright blue body, green/grey legs and trunk, and grey ears is perched on the stage left corner of the box of diapers. A Crazy Richards “wholly rollies” protein ball is placed on top of the elephants back.]

Image 2 
Title: R6C

[A plastic toy elephant with a bright blue body, green/grey legs and trunk, and grey ears is kneeling down in a garden of brown and tan dirt. The elephant is positioned toward the stage right side of the frame of the picture and its face is pointing toward the center of the picture. Behind the elephant is multiple forms of vegetation. Immediately behind the elephant is purple/brown red romaine leaf lettuce. Further behind the romaine is light green grass, bushes, and skinny white tree trunks with bright green leaves. There is faded brown wooden fence behind the trees. In front of the romaine, but behind the elephant is a small, purple, wooden letter R, that is laying on its side. There is also a small, yellow, wooden number 6 and two Crazy Richards “wholly rollies” protein balls. Stage left of the elephant is a small, orange, wooden letter C placed upside down in the dirt.]

Image 3
Title: T6U0YN

[A plastic toy elephant with a bright blue body, green/grey legs and trunk, and grey ears is sitting in a white porcelain bathroom sink with its trunk pointed upward toward the faucet. There is small, yellow, wooden letter N and a small, blue, wooden letter Y in the sink, located to the right of the elephant. A brown bathroom sink faucet flecked with specs of toothpaste is turned on above the elephant and water is descending on to the elephant’s trunk and legs. On top of the faucet is a small, wooden, blue, upside down letter U. Behind the stage left side of faucet standing on the sink is a partially obstructed small, wooden, purple number 0. Further to the stage left side of the sink is a yellow hand soap dispenser, a white electric toothbrush, and an orange and white container of face wash. On the stage right side of the faucet standing on the sink is a small, wooden, blue number 6. In front of the 6 is a small, wooden, orange, letter T. The T is leaning on a Crazy Richards “wholly rollies” protein ball. ]

CRAZY. 1. adverb, extremely. example: “I’ve been crazy busy.” 2. noun,
a mentally deranged person. example: “keep that crazy away from me.” source: Oxford Languages.