Throughout the course of our rehearsal and production process, dramaturg Molly Roy met with several of our contributing artists to discuss their work on The Mad Maps Project. Slade Billew, Rosie Brownlow-Calkin, and Kristin Perkins participated in video interviews and collaborated with Molly to map their process.

Slade Billew

A neon green line, purple squiggle line, and orange zig zagging line all stand parallel, connected by a red line that connects all three.

Access Slade’s interview, along with a transcript.

Rosie Brownlow-Calkin

In the upper right corner, the word "video" with squiggles radiating from its center, connecting to a circle with the word "brain," and arrows radiating from its center. One arrow points to a star in the center of the page, labeled "initial impulse." To the right, a rectangle with four thick blue squiggle lines.

Access Rosie’s interview, along with a transcript.

Kristin Perkins

Two axes of a graph, the Y labeled space, the X labeled time. Across the top, an arrow labeled "growth" points to the right, under which is drawn a 0%. A series of green stems with leaves grow progressively taller along the X axis. The words mold, seeds, and dirt are circled on the right; the words access, disability, and the phrase "the materiality of things" are included on the left. A scrawled looping pink line is scribbled over the entire image.

Access Kristin’s interview, along with a transcript.