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Crazy Monkey Baking Granola

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CRAZY, crazier, craziest. (entry 1 of 3) 1a. full of cracks or flaws: UNSOUND. 1b. CROOKED, ASKEW. 2a. not mentally sound, marked by thought or action that lacks reason, INSANE. example: “yelling like a crazy man”–not used technically. 2b(1). IMPRACTICAL. example: “a crazy plan.” 2b(2). ERRATIC. example: “crazy drivers.” 2c. being out of the ordinary, UNUSUAL. example: “a taste for crazy hats.” source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Product Description
"Our newest flavor to be available year-round! Sweet blueberries highlight these granola clusters made with oats and bound together with molasses. Flax seed adds great texture and some additional nutritional benefits! The guilt free granola snack that eats like a cookie!"

source: Crazy Monkey Baking Website

CRAZY. 3a. distracted with desire or excitement; a thrill-crazy mob. example: “The fans went crazy when their team won the championship.” 3b. absurdly fond: INFATUATED. example: “He’s crazy about the girl.” 3c. passionately preoccupied: OBSESSED. example: “crazy about boats.” 3d. like crazy: to an extreme degree. example: “everyone dancing like crazy.” source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

(a sense now obsolete)

Slade Billew

This video contains two main elements: the image of a male human back from the waist up to the neck and a soundtrack. The image has been processed to increase the color contrast between the two halves of the back. One side is more blue the other is more orange resembling a heat map or a landscape. Accompanying this visual is sound that ebbs and flows but is made up of rough scratchy sounds and a low unintelligible murmuring. The person whose back we can see undulates in various directions along with the sounds. Occasionally we catch sight of the person’s neck and back of head. As their body continues to move we eventually see the person’s hands wrap around their back and reach towards the screen. The sound ebbs and the speaking becomes clear. It contains the text below. The sound gradually ramps back up and the person’s movements become more frantic as the text continues. Gradually all of the elements ramp down together before the sound ends and the screen fades to black.

The spoken text:
In modern usage, the word can be applied to a number of nuanced contexts.
It makes sense that people have such complicated feelings
Need we be reminded of one viral video from 2014 (now deleted)
Upon arrival of her second child,
the family
didn’t contain all of the sins of modern baking
(partially hydrogenated fats, high fructose corn syrup, food dyes, preservatives, etc.). and over the next few months it evolved
“It makes me feel frustrated and belittled,” one follower commented
using their feelings and/or legitimate mental health concerns against them
In all instances, doctors believed
Sadly Peanut Butter had to be removed
We are trying to figure out a resolution but we will not have it anytime soon.
Too risky with contaminating
We get a lot of questions here
Well, how much sugar do you think?
Can I see your nutritional information?
The real surprise is
That women consume no more
It’s simply an invitation to be more intentional about it
So back to the question we get asked so much.
Did you know we make our own?
it’s simply that their emotions are read differently and used to delegitimize them, so these questions couldn’t have come better timed
You never know which one is the best
preserves the original “break to pieces” sense
(a sense now obsolete)

CRAZY. (entry 2 of 3) noun, one who is or acts crazy. especially: such as one associated with a radical or extremist political cause. source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary.