Luna Bars

Luna Bars

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LUNATIC. 1. dated. a. affected with a severely disordered state of mind; INSANE. b. designed for the care of mentally ill people. example: “a lunatic asylum.” 2. wildly foolish. example: “a lunatic idea,” “lunatic behavior.” source: Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

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LUNATIC. Middle English: from Old French lunatique, from late Latin lunaticus, from Latin luna ‘moon’ (from the belief that changes of the moon caused intermittent insanity). source: Oxford Languages.

luna // to the moon

Alexis Riley

a gold picture frame.
inside: a watercolor, offset to create a three dimensional effect.

three hills, crafted from strips of paper painted and woven together
a blue purple sky, salted, holding three white vellum clouds

a moon, gazing downwards, singing towards a girl
a girl, gazing upwards, singing towards a moon

her red cloth dress
and red frizzy hair
in the absent wind.

it is night. it is late.
the moon has been expecting her.
four a.m.
she is always on time.

together, they sing
an unseen voice
a distant echo
provides their sound:

down in the valley
valley so low
hang your head over
hear the wind blow

hear the wind blow, dear
hear the wind blow
hang your head over
hear the wind blow.

LUNATIC. Word forms: lunatics. 1. COUNTABLE NOUN. If you describe someone as a lunatic, you think they behave in a dangerous, stupid, or annoying way. [informal, disapproval] example: “Her son thinks she’s an absolute raving lunatic.” 2. ADJECTIVE. If you describe someone’s behavior or ideas as lunatic, you think they are very foolish and possibly dangerous.[disapproval] example: “…the operation of the market taken to lunatic extremes.” 3. COUNTABLE NOUN. People who were mentally ill used to be called lunatics. [old-fashioned, offensive] example: “…the lunatics in the Bedlam asylum.” source: Collins Dictionary.