Snapple Mango Madness

Snapple Mango Madness

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MADNESS. 1. noun: the state of being mentally ill, especially severely. example: “In his madness he destroyed the work of years.” 2. noun: extremely foolish behavior. example: “It is madness to allow children to roam around after dark.” 3. noun: a state of frenzied or chaotic activity. example: “From about midnight to three in the morning it’s absolute madness in here.” source: Oxford Languages.

Product Description
"Mango Madness is the condition and the cure housed in the same bottle. We're ready to juice up your day with the most popular fruit in the world (that's mango, FYI). Sweet, fruity, and delicious, there's no reason to be mad at that." 

source: Snapple Website

MADNESS. As a product of abuse, (be it psychological, violent or combination of miscellaneous factors): A behavioral expression, (not necessarily unreasonable or a product of mental disorders) leading to an almost complete disregard of the instinctual directive for self preservation; which yields a disproportionate level of motivation to accomplish certain objectives of which are not necessarily violent or of ill intent. source: Urban Dictionary.


Vannessa Cepeda

The sound of a metronome takes control of the scene.
In front of the camera is an empty mango juice bottle on a gray table.
A hand appears holding a jug that progressively empties its contents into the mango juice bottle.
The rhythm of the metronome marks the speed with which the contents of the jug are emptied into the juice bottle.
Every four times a different image interrupts the transfer of the liquid from the jug to the bottle of juice.
The disruptive images are drawings with crossed lines of different colors.
When the juice bottle is full, it moves to another image.
The sound of the metronome still sets the beat. There is a nose and mouth poking out of the frame, the hand of this nose and mouth takes the juice bottle and brings it to the mouth.
The sound of the metronome stops and a drawing appears on the scene. The drawing collects its four fragments or interrupting images that appeared during the transfer of liquid.
The video is finished.

MADNESS. noun: 1. dementia; insanity; lunacy. 2. great anger. 3. great folly. 4. wild excitement. 5. rabies.
source: Collins Dictionary.