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Nutter Butter

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NUTTER. Nut·ter, /ˈnədər/. INFORMAL·BRITISH. noun: nutter, plural noun: nutters. a crazy or eccentric person. source: Oxford Languages.

Product Description
"Go Nuts for America’s #1-Selling Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookie! Sold in a variety of sizes and formats to suit any operation, NUTTER BUTTER delivers the peanut-buttery taste America loves. Use NUTTER BUTTER Cookie Pieces, Variegate and Wafers to add pleasing peanut butter flavor to any dessert or shake."

source: Mondelēz International Website

NUTTER. (nu-tter) noun. 1. a crazy person. 2. someone who is psychotic. Used in the U.K. to describe f#@ked up people. example: “Did you see that guy? What a nutter.”

What People Do

Amelia Riley

[A young woman is sitting at a table in her home. She is focused on writing something down In her notebook while a package of Nutter Butter cookies sits open and within reach. After a few moments a young man sits down opposite of her. She does not look up as he picks up the package of cookies and looks it over. He suddenly throws the cookies across the room aggressively. She finally raises her eyes slowly to meet his. He smiles. A guitar begins to play in the background as a title card flashes on screen reading:
“What People Do”
Written by Amelia Riley
Performed by Sebastian Dela Cruz]

Guitar Intro

[The young man pulls out a package of Oreos and slams them confidently on the table. The woman looks down. A close up of the cookies is shown followed by a close up of the man looking directly into the camera. The woman furrows her brows in response to his stare. He opens the Oreos and slides them across the table towards the woman who looks uncomfortable. There is a cut to the same woman playing guitar in front of packed up moving boxes. The video cuts back to the two at the table where the man pushes the Oreos again insistently. The woman opens her mouth to begin singing and a male voice that clearly doesn’t belong to her comes out as she mouths the words.]

“We go together like hungover girls and Oreos”

[While the woman sings the man shrugs and begins to eat the Oreos.]

“Like Peanut butter without water and the feeling you might choke”

[The video cuts to the woman singing outside. There is a contrast to her calm demeanor and the man in the background who is running behind her playing with bubbles while a dog watches with a wagging tail.]

“You’ve called me spaced out, problematic, even insane”

[Cut to multiple shots of the woman alone in a bedroom. The shot is lined up to appear as if we are observing a private moment through the door. She appears dazed and concerned. “The only things you seem to notice are the things you want to change”
Cut back to the pair sitting at the table. The man is playing with and eating the Oreos paying no attention to the woman except to eventually offer her an Oreo. She accepts it with a forced smile before discarding it over her shoulder the moment he looks away.]

“You’ll rotate around the room. I’ll rotate around you”

[The pair sit on a couch. The man is preoccupied on his phone while the woman attempts to copy his mannerisms.]

“Cause that’s what people do. Yeah that’s just what people do”

[Cut to the woman sitting on the bed singing to the camera.]

“If you’re the sun then I’m the moon. Trying my best to be like you”

[The man is shown eating more Oreos before cutting to the woman playing guitar in front of the boxes.]

“Cause that’s what people do. That’s just what people do”

[The woman continues to sing as the two sit awkwardly on the couch and again as the scene cuts back outside.]


[The woman is shown forcing a smile before quickly dropping the act. The man sits at the table making a tower of oreos and looks annoyed at the woman when they fall over despite her not touching them.]

“We go together like overworked employees and daycare”

[The woman continues to sing outside while the man plays with bubbles and dogs behind her.]

“I spend the day crying and you spend the day not paid enough to care”

[The woman is sitting in bed about to eat a Nutter Butter cookie, but before she is able to the man walks in and holds out his hand in annoyance. She reluctantly hands over the snack watching him leave with a look of sadness.]

“You’ve called me damaged, sensitive, always to blame.”

[The pair sit awkwardly on the couch. Cut to the woman sitting somberly on her bed looking defeated.]

“You’ll call me anything except for my fucking name”

[The woman plays guitar getting notably more angry as the words go on.]

“You’ll rotate around the room. I’ll rotate around you. Cause that’s what people do. Yeah that’s just what people do. If you’re the sun then I’m the moon. Convinced it all depends on you. Is that just what people do. Yeah you say that’s what people do”

[The woman continues to sing with multiple cuts to each of the same locations and scenarios previously described with the woman seeming to grow more discontented as the interlude plays out.]

“You’ll rotate around the room. You don’t want me you want more you. That’s not what lovers should do. That’s not what anyone should do”

[The man walks up to the front of the house and reaches for the doorknob surprised to find it locked. The woman plays guitar, smiling for the first time.]

“So starting now I think I’m through. It was never me it was always you. That’s not what I want to do. Yeah that’s not what I want to do”

[Multiple cuts of the woman enjoying the Nutter Butter cookies she has been attempting to eat the entire video mixed with clips of the man frustratedly attempting to get into the locked house to no avail. The woman is smiling and laughing. The guitar strums a finale time as she lets out a final smile and walks out of frame.]

NUTTER. (nʌtəʳ) word forms: plural, nutters. If you refer to someone as a nutter, you mean that they are mad or that their behavior is very strange. [British, informal, disapproval] “He was a bit of a nutter.”